Empire of Liberty: Political Bargaining

Excerpt from Michelle Orrego’s “Jeffersonian Democracy”, Chile State University Publishing, 2018 “You always had the people and now have the government on your side, so that the prospect is as favorable as could be wished. At the same time it must be admitted you have much trouble and difficulty to encounter.” ~ James Monroe   … More Empire of Liberty: Political Bargaining

Empire of Liberty: Double Edged Sword

Excerpt from the Minutes of Order Secretary Charles Pinckney, Palmhook, Jamaica; March 13, 1802. Order President Carleton convened the meeting at ten o’clock in the evening, March 13, 1802 at the estate of Palmhook belonging to Sentry Briggs. Sentry Briggs called the role. The following members were counted “present”: President Carleton, Warden Samuel Adams, Secretary … More Empire of Liberty: Double Edged Sword

Empire of Liberty: The Louisiana Bargain

Excerpt from Christopher Littleton’s “Bonaparte”, Random House Publishing, 2012.  The surrender of Field Marshal Michael von Melas’ army and negotiated end of the siege of Mantua secured northern Italy for France from the exhausted Austrians. On June 28, the siege formally ended and the Austrians limped back east. Napoléon met Léonard Mathurin Duphot on July … More Empire of Liberty: The Louisiana Bargain