Empire of Liberty: The Directorie

“A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.” -Napoleon Bonaparte Excerpt from Konijeti Beevti’s “Years of Revolution: Boston to Bhārata”, Vij Publishing House, 1962 (translation by Earl Henderson). North of Paris, in January of 1795, the revolutionary forces invaded Holland and many Dutchmen joined them in support. The Dutch Republic fell, the stadtholder fled to … More Empire of Liberty: The Directorie

Empire of Liberty: The Lion Is Humbled

Previous Chapter: The World at War “Oh God! It’s all over!” ~ Lord Frederick North upon hearing about the capture of Savannah Excerpt from Douglas Oswald’s “Annotated History of the American Revolution”, University of Michigan Press, 1932. The surrender of General Howe in New York, Campbell in Montreal, and the alliance between the French, Spanish … More Empire of Liberty: The Lion Is Humbled