The Texas Bubble

Let’s get one thing straight, I love the Texas Bubble. If I had to be stuck in one bubble for the rest of my life, it would be the Texas Bubble. The Texas Bubble is full of Mexican food, country music and football. I’ve been stuck for days watching snapchat stories and seeing pictures of … More The Texas Bubble

How Aware Are You?

That’s a loaded question isn’t it? If someone asked me how aware I am I’d probably respond with “of course I’m aware, I’m a journalist, it is literally my job to be aware.” Simply asking that question almost comes off as an insult. Nonetheless it’s a powerful question and one worth asking. It’s also far … More How Aware Are You?

Extraordinary Times

Typically I try and keep my politics/policy writing as formal and unbiased as possible. The last thing we need in this political environment is another partisan hack. Yes, there are people and policies at the federal and state levels that I utterly despise and there are people and policies that I think are brilliant and … More Extraordinary Times

Deep Dallas

In some ways Dallas has become the quintessential “Texas” city. Its name evokes images of cowboys, oil barons, football, southern socialites, Indians, the old west, and the sun belt all converging in one highway crossed hodgepodge where the post oaks meet the plains in the middle of North Texas. Comparatively, Houston is its own city. … More Deep Dallas

Empire of Liberty: The Lion Is Humbled

Excerpt from Douglas Oswald’s “Annotated History of the American Revolution”, University of Michigan Press, 1932. The surrender of General Howe in New York and the alliance between the French, Spanish and the Americans forced a shift in British war policy. The Admiralty and Ministry of War made the decision as early as October of 1778 … More Empire of Liberty: The Lion Is Humbled

Let the (Legislative) Games Begin

Tuesday marked the official start of the 56th Oklahoma Legislature with a half day known as “organizational day”. This constitutionally provided meeting begins at noon and will be the first legislative action for roughly 45 new representatives and senators. This meeting occurs a month before the official opening of a new legislative session every other year … More Let the (Legislative) Games Begin

Let’s Get Ethical

Late Monday night the House Rules Committee voted to absorb the independent Office of Congressional Ethics into the House Committee on Ethics, effectively eliminating the Office’s independent status. The move came about when the Rules Committee voted in favor of an amendment by Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte to the larger Rules bill that is typically … More Let’s Get Ethical