Empire of Liberty

Empire of Liberty is an old project of mine that I’m dusting off an polishing up. In 1775, a time traveler from the future brings technology and a mission to George Washington: “To save the world you must unite the world”. From that point on a secret team of American leaders seek to take their revolution and do just that.

This page is for major announcements on the project and any future bells and whistles I want to add. Until then, this is where the table of contents will be. Enjoy!

Also check out the timeline of Empire of Liberty here.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Summer Soldier and the Cross-Time Patriot

Chapter 2: One If By Land, Two If By Teleporter

Chapter 3: The Spirit of ’76

Chapter 4: The Winds of War

Chapter 5: The Times That Try Men’s Souls

Chapter 6: The American Caribbean

Chapter 7: The World at War

Chapter 8: The Lion is Humbled

Chapter 9: A Rocky Start

Chapter 10: A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Chapter 11: State Secrets

Chapter 12: Federalists Versus Anti-Federalists

Chapter 13: The Bill of Rights

Chapter 14: The Old Northwest

Chapter 15: The Presidency of George Washington

Chapter 16: Vive Le Révolucion

Chapter 17: Le Roi Est Mort

Chapter 18: The Reign of Terror

Chapter 19: The Directorie

Chapter 20: The Haitian Revolution

Chapter 21: De Diefstal 

Chapter 22: The Rise of Pitt the Younger

Chapter 23: The Fall of Pitt the Younger

Chapter 24: Nobody Expects the Spanish Reformation

Chapter 25: The Pole Dance

Chapter 26: The XYZ Affair

Chapter 27: The War of the Second Coalition

Chapter 28: Ali Napoleon and the Armee d’Orient

Chapter 29: A Damned Game of Chess

Chapter 30: 18 Brumaire

Chapter 31: A Dose of Mascarene

Chapter 32: Unthinkable

Chapter 33: The Presidency of John Adams, Part I

Chapter 34: The Presidency of John Adams, Part II

Chapter 35: The Consulate 

Chapter 36: Rise of the Raj

Chapter 37: The Louisiana Bargain

Interlude I: State of the World – Nov. 1801

Chapter 38: Double-Edged Sword

Chapter 39: Where is Hoche?

Chapter 40: Byzantium After Byzantium 

Chapter 41: Company Men

Chapter 42: The Serbian Revolution

Chapter 43: The Barbary War

Chapter 44: Strange Bedfellows

Chapter 45: The War of the Third Coalition

Chapter 46: Vidin

Chapter 47: Via Militaris

Chapter 48: A Vile Trade

Chapter 49: Cyrene Song

Chapter 50: All Roads Lead to (Eastern) Rome

Chapter 51: 23

Chapter 52: To The Shores Of Tripoli

Chapter 53: El Caballero de la Libertad

Chapter 54: The Brothers Zubov

Chapter 55: Bosporus 

Chapter 56: Carthage