Empire of Liberty

Empire of Liberty is an old project of mine that I’m dusting off an polishing up. In 1775, a time traveler from the future brings technology and a mission to George Washington: “To save the world you must unite the world”. From that point on a secret team of American leaders seek to take their revolution and do just that.

This page is for major announcements on the project and any future bells and whistles I want to add. Until then, this is where the table of contents will be. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Summer Soldier and the Cross-Time Patriot

Chapter 2: One If By Land, Two If By Teleporter

Chapter 3: The Spirit of ’76

Chapter 4: The Winds of War

Chapter 5: The Times That Try Men’s Souls

Chapter 6: Scheduled for 12/21

Chapter 7: Scheduled for 12/28