Advocacy As Therapy?

I want to preface this by saying that in no way am I a trained therapist or counselor. Luckily, my trade allows me the opportunity to have conversations about many different aspects of health care, innovations, and policies. Many of my conversations have dealt on the realities of health care policy challenges on the ground. … More Advocacy As Therapy?

Extraordinary Times

Typically I try and keep my politics/policy writing as formal and unbiased as possible. The last thing we need in this political environment is another partisan hack. Yes, there are people and policies at the federal and state levels that I utterly despise and there are people and policies that I think are brilliant and … More Extraordinary Times

Let the (Legislative) Games Begin

Tuesday marked the official start of the 56th Oklahoma Legislature with a half day known as “organizational day”. This constitutionally provided meeting begins at noon and will be the first legislative action for roughly 45 new representatives and senators. This meeting occurs a month before the official opening of a new legislative session every other year … More Let the (Legislative) Games Begin

Let’s Get Ethical

Late Monday night the House Rules Committee voted to absorb the independent Office of Congressional Ethics into the House Committee on Ethics, effectively eliminating the Office’s independent status. The move came about when the Rules Committee voted in favor of an amendment by Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte to the larger Rules bill that is typically … More Let’s Get Ethical

Trump 2017: What To Expect From An Unexpected President

As the year draws to a close the news cycle continues to be dominated by the transition of power to Donald Trump. While intense questions surround his social media accounts, cabinet picks and the general tone of his supporters, the big question now is this: “what will the national tone look like coming out of … More Trump 2017: What To Expect From An Unexpected President

If You Think This Ends Tuesday You Are Sorely Mistaken

I. Introduction The long running meme this election has been that 2016 is the worst and we simply have to get through the election and through the year before the world ends. For many November 9, 2016 is a magical date where all of the noise and insanity will suddenly disappear. A likely Hillary Clinton … More If You Think This Ends Tuesday You Are Sorely Mistaken