Who’s In And Who’s Out: Week Six And The Winds Of Chaos Edition

College Football is chaotic by its very nature. Division One features almost 200 different universities from Hawaii to Hartford. You have to be ready for anything. Some year’s Boston College and South Florida find themselves ranked in the top five. Most years, despite all of the insanity, the same handful of programs seem to be left standing. You never know if a blueblood will go wire-to-wire or if a hurricane will skirt the coast, throw entire seasons and families into tumult, or you will commit seven turnovers and still take the game to double overtime (I’d like the 5 years of my life stolen from me back Vols).


As we hit the midway point of the season, there are still huge questions left to be answered. The Aggies took the lead in the three week round robin between themselves, Tennessee and Alabama for control of the SEC. Meanwhile who knows what will become of the postponed match between LSU and Florida. To the west #Pac12AfterDark looks poised to cannibalize itself again. Can Washington continue to roll into the playoff, will one loss Utah or Arizona State crash the party unexpectedly, or will the pissed off Colorados, USCs, and UCLAs of the world wreck the party entirely? Can a G5 team crash the playoff now that Houston fell to a Navy team playing in a hurricane (nice use of home field advantage to the midshipmen on that one)? Or is all of this for naught and we are setting ourselves up for a playoff foursome of Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Michigan? #Bluebloods4Lyfe.



The “Win And You’re In” Conference


The Undefeated Division

Texas A&M (6-0)

  • UCLA
  • Auburn
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee

Alabama (6-0)

  • USC
  • Ole Miss
  • Arkansas

Clemson (6-0)

  • Auburn
  • Louisville

Michigan (6-0)

  • Colorado
  • Penn State
  • Wisconsin

Ohio State (5-0)

  • Tulsa
  • Oklahoma
  • Indiana

Washington (6-0)

  • Stanford

West Virginia (4-0)

  • Kansas State

Baylor (5-0)

  • Oklahoma State

Nebraska (5-0)

  • Wyoming

Boise State (5-0)

  • Washington State

Western Michigan (6-0)

  • Central Michigan


The “No Room For Error” Division

Arizona State (5-1)

Florida (4-1)

Louisville (4-1)

Maryland (4-1)

Miami (FL) (4-1)

N.C. State (4-1)

Tennessee (5-1)

Utah (5-1)

Virginia Tech (4-1)

Wake Forest (5-1)

Wisconsin (4-1)


The Eliminated Conference


The “One Loss G5’s” Division

Air Force (4-1)

Houston (5-1)

Memphis (4-1)

Middle Tennessee State (4-1)

Navy (4-1)

San Diego State (4-1)

South Florida (5-1)

Toledo (4-1)

Troy (4-1)

Tulsa (4-1)


The “Sneaky Good” Division

Arkansas (4-2)

Auburn (4-2)

Central Michigan (4-2)

Colorado (4-2)

Eastern Michigan (4-2)

Florida State (4-2)

Georgia (4-2)

Iowa (4-2)

LSU (3-2)

Oklahoma (3-2)

Ole Miss (3-3)

Pittsburgh (4-2)


The “Fighting For Bowl Position” Division

Akron (4-2)

North Carolina (4-2)

Ohio (4-2)

Oklahoma State (4-2)

Old Dominion (4-2)

Penn State (4-2)

Southern Miss (4-2)

Stanford (3-2)

TCU (4-2)

Wyoming (4-2)


The “Can’t Tell If You’re Good Or Very Mediocre” Division

Cincinnati (3-3)

Duke (3-3)

Kansas State (3-2)

Minnesota (3-2)

South Alabama (3-2)

Texas Tech (3-2)

UCLA (3-3)

Washington State (3-2)


The “At Least We Are Halfway To Bowl Eligibility” Division

Appalachian State (3-2)

Army (3-2)

Ball State (3-3)

Boston College (3-3)

BYU (3-3)

Cal (3-3)

Central Florida (3-2)

Colorado State (3-3)

Georgia State (3-2)

Georgia Tech (3-3)\

Hawaii (3-3)

Idaho (3-3)

Indiana (3-2)

Kentucky (3-3)

Louisiana Tech (3-3)

Nevada (3-3)

North Texas (3-3)

Purdue (3-2)

Temple (3-3)

Tulane (3-2)

UConn (3-3)

USC (3-3)

Western Kentucky (3-3)


The “Charlie Strong and Mark Helfricht Memorial WTF They Only Have Two Wins?!” Division

Michigan State (2-3)

Notre Dame (2-4)

Oregon (2-4)

Texas (2-3)


The “Send Help and Healthy Players Yesterday!” Division

Arizona (2-4)

Charlotte (2-4)

ECU (2-4)

FIU (2-4)

Kent State (2-4)

Mississippi State (2-3)

Missouri (2-3)

New Mexico (2-3)

New Mexico State (2-3)

Northwestern (2-3)

Oregon State (2-3)

SMU (2-4)

South Carolina (2-4)

Syracuse (2-4)

Texas State (2-3)

UL-Lafayette (2-3)

UNLV (2-4)

Utah State (2-4)

UTSA (2-3)

Vanderbilt (2-4)

Virginia (2-3)


The “Pass the Bleach Please” Division

Arkansas State (1-4)

Bowling Green (1-5)

Buffalo (1-4)

FAU (1-5)

Fresno State (1-5)

Georgia Southern (1-4)

Illinois (1-4)

Iowa State (1-5)

Kansas (1-4)

Marshall (1-4)

Northern Illinois (1-5)

Rutgers (2-4)

San Jose State (1-5)

UL-Monroe (1-4)

UMass (1-5)

UTEP (1-5)


The “The University of Florida Athletic Department Presents The Ron Turner and Les Miles Memorial Dumpster Fire” Division

Rice (0-5)


The “Oh Shit! One More Loss Eliminates Us From A Bowl!? And It’s Not Even Halloween?!” Division

Miami (OH) (0-6)


On Tap For Next Week

N.C. State v. Clemson: The Wolfpack have no room for error with an early loss but can make a big statement with the away upset of Clemson. With lots of work left to do, Clemson cannot afford an unnecessary drop.

K-State v. Oklahoma: No playoff implications here but major conference and New Years Six implications in this one.

West Virginia v. Texas Tech: Expect tons or points and not much defense. A home win by Tech leaves one undefeated team in the Big 12 (assuming Baylor handles Kansas).

Nebraska v. Indiana: Amazingly, Indiana will be Nebraska’s biggest test of the season.

North Carolina v. Miami (FL): Look for the Tar Heels to drag the Hurricanes down to elimination with them.

Alabama v. Tennessee: The second of three series in the A&M/UT/Bama round robin tournament for control of the SEC. An Alabama win sets up a massive showdown in Tuscaloosa against undefeated A&M. The Vols are looking to win the Third Saturday in October for the first time since 2006 and recover from the double overtime heart breaker against the Aggies.

Ole Miss v. Arkansas: Neither have the inside track for the SEC West but the winner here will be the ultimate darkhorse in case of a late season Bama/A&M slip.

Tulsa v. Houston: The G5 will still have an automatic bid to the New Years Six bowls. West Michigan and Boise State have the inside track but both of these one loss teams have to win to keep their hopes of a big bowl matchup alive. Winner reports to the Sugar, Orange, or Rose Bowl. Loser reports to the Hawaii or Liberty Bowl.

Ohio State v. Wisconsin: Increasingly the Big Ten looks to be a race between Ohio State and Michigan, a Wisconsin win in Madison turns everything on its head.

Arizona State v. Colorado: The Buffaloes had their slim playoff hopes spoiled by USC, they will look to do the same to the Sun Devils in Boulder.

Colorado State v. Boise State: Boise State suddenly looks like the G5 champion but must remain undefeated against a solid Colorado State team.



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