Who’s In And Who’s Out: Week Five And The Dream Of The 90’s Is Alive In College Football! Edition

The dream of the 90’s is alive in 2016! A Clinton is running for office, Donald Trump, NAFTA, the EU and FARC are all over the headlines. Full House is even back (sort of)! And Nebraska, Michigan, Miami, Texas A&M, Colorado, Tennessee, and Washington all have legitimate playoff hopes. Somewhere Lloyd Carr, Kordell Stewart, Charles Woodson and R.C. Slocum are smiling and watching all of this nostalgic chaotic goodness unfold.


The question is, will the dream of the 90’s last? Or will everything come crashing back to Earth over the next few weeks.


Stay safe East Coasters, prayers for your safety, property, and satellite feeds.


The “Win And Your In” Conference


The “Undefeated P5’s” Division

Tennessee (5-0)

  • Virginia Tech
  • Florida
  • Georgia

Texas A&M (5-0)

  • UCLA
  • Auburn
  • Arkansas

Clemson (5-0)

  • Auburn
  • Louisville

Michigan (5-0)

  • Colorado
  • Wisconsin

Washington (5-0)

  • Stanford

Alabama (5-0)

  • Ole Miss

Ohio State (4-0)

  • Oklahoma

Baylor (5-0)

  • Oklahoma State

West Virginia (4-0)

  • Kansas State

Miami (FL) (4-0)

  • Georgia Tech

Nebraska (5-0)

  • Oregon

Maryland (4-0)

  • Purdue


Some huge games coming up this week with playoff implications but none are bigger than Tennessee traveling to College Station to take on Texas A&M. The Volunteers and the Aggies have put together impressive early resumes but both have huge question marks across the field. The winner will take on Alabama next (Texas A&M has a bye week next week) for control of the SEC and with real playoff hopes. The loser has no room for error with an even harder test waiting for them.


Do not sleep on rivalry upsets either. Washington is flying high after its big win against Stanford but they travel to Eugene where the Oregon Ducks have had their number for several years in a row. Miami will face its first big test when it hosts Florida State in a massive rivalry game (the dream of the 90’s is alive in Miami!). In the Big Ten, Penn State hosts Maryland in the first big test for Maryland (forced rivalries are still rivalries)


Undefeated G5’s With No Room For Error

Houston (5-0)

  • Oklahoma
  • Cincinnati

Western Michigan (5-0)

  • Central Michigan

Air Force (4-0)

  • Navy

Boise State (4-0)

  • Washington State


Houston continues to lead the G5 field but shouldn’t sleep on the option attack when they travel away to a good Navy team. Central Michigan hosts a 3-2 Ball State team with some impressive showings this season. In the Mountain West Boise State travels to New Mexico while Air Force travels to a dangerous Wyoming team.


The “P5’s With No Room For Error” Division

Arizona State (4-1)

Arkansas (4-1)

Colorado (4-1)

Florida (4-1)

Indiana (3-1)

Louisville (4-1)

Minnesota (3-1)

N.C. State (3-1)

North Carolina (4-1)

Stanford (3-1)

Texas Tech (3-1)

Utah (4-1)

Virginia Tech (3-1)

Wake Forest (4-1)

Wisconsin (4-1)


Several pure elimination games in this division this week. Virginia Tech and North Carolina square off in one of several games that could be impacted by Hurricane Matthew.


Several teams will fight to boost their playoff chances against powerhouse teams. Arkansas hosts the No.1 team in the country in Alabama. Indiana has the gargantuan task of knocking out Ohio State or seeing its slim playoff hopes die as well.


Lastly, don’t sleep on the big conference matchups. Colorado travels to Los Angeles and should not sleep on an always talented USC team. Texas Tech travels to always dangerous Manhattan to take on the Wizard Bill Snyder and his Wildcats. Minnesota hosts an Iowa team that just a few weeks ago appeared poised to be a conference threat.


The Eliminated Conference


The “One Loss G5’s” Division

Army (3-1)

Eastern Michigan (4-1)

Georgia Southern (3-1)

Memphis (3-1)

Middle Tennessee (4-1)

Navy (3-1)

San Diego State (3-1)

South Florida (4-1)

Southern Miss (4-1)

Toledo (3-1)

Troy (4-1)

Tulsa (3-1)


The “Two Losses But Dangerous As Hell” Division

Florida State (3-2)

Georgia (3-2)

Iowa (3-2)

LSU (3-2)

Oklahoma (2-2)

Oklahoma State (3-2)

Ole Miss (3-2)

UCLA (3-2)


Rough week for LSU. First news broke mid-week that Mike VI’s cancer has spread and he will likely need to be put down in the coming months. Then Hurricane Matthew caused Florida to cancel their game, this despite plenty of opportunities to move the game to LSU, New Orleans, or plenty of neutral sites across the south. Ring the shame bell on the Gators.


The “Fighting For a Bowl Game” Division

Akron (3-2)

Appalachian State (3-2)

Auburn (3-2)

Ball State (3-2)

Boston College (3-2)

California (3-2)

Central Florida (3-2)

Central Michigan (3-2)

Cincinnati (3-2)

Georgia Tech (3-2)

Kansas State (2-2)

Ohio (3-2)

Old Dominion (3-2)

Penn State (3-2)

Pittsburgh (3-2)

South Alabama (3-2)

TCU (3-2)

Tulane (3-2)

Western Kentucky (3-2)

Wyoming (3-2)


The “Bottom Half Of the SEC Continues To Be An Unintelligible Clusterfuck” Division

Kentucky (2-3)

Mississippi State (2-2)

Missouri (2-3)

South Carolina (2-3)

Vanderbilt (2-3)


The “Charlie Strong Memorial Teams That Should Be Way Better Than They Actually Are” Division

Arizona (2-3)

Duke (2-3)

Michigan State (2-2)

Northwestern (2-3)

Notre Dame (2-3)

Oregon (2-3)

Texas (2-2)

USC (2-3)


The “Praying For A Bowl Game Appearance” Division

BYU (2-3)

Colorado State (2-3)

ECU (2-3)

Hawaii (2-3)

Idaho (2-3)

Louisiana Tech (2-3)

Nevada (2-3)

New Mexico (2-2)

New Mexico State (2-3)

North Texas (2-3)

Purdue (2-2)

SMU (2-3)

Syracuse (2-3)

Texas State (2-3)

UConn (2-3)

UL-Lafayette (2-3)

UNLV (2-3)

Utah State (2-3)

Virginia (2-3)

Washington State (2-3)


The “Hot Garbage” Division

Bowling Green (1-4)

Buffalo (1-3)

Charlotte (1-4)

FAU (1-4)

FIU (1-4)

Fresno State (1-4)

Illinois (1-3)

Iowa State (1-4)

Kansas (1-3)

Kent State (1-4)

Marshall (1-3)

Northern Illinois (1-4)

Oregon State (1-3)

Rutgers (2-3)

San Jose State (1-4)

UL-Monroe (1-3)

UMass (1-4)

UTEP (1-4)

UTSA (1-3)


The “Ron Turner and Les Miles Memorial Throw 2016 Into The Trash” Division

Arkansas State (0-4)

Georgia State (0-4)

Miami (OH) (0-5)

Rice (0-5)

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