Empire of Liberty: Summer Soldier And The Cross-Time Patriot

George Washington was quietly clearing some land on his estate. There was still a cold chill in the March air but winter for the most part was in its last stages, it was time to prepare for planting again and as always that started with clearing land of winter debris. Washington was evaluating a particularly nasty fallen branch when a flash of blue light engulfed the field. Washington, obviously startled, turned around to see a man emerge from a portal of pure light blue light.

“Are you George Washington” asked the man. There was no English accent about him, yet he didn’t have the drawl of one of the Appalachian peoples. He was also very dark skinned, almost like a lighter colored native.

“I am.” Said Washington nervously, clinching his ax tightly just in case.

“Thank the Lord!” exclaimed the man, “Listen to me Mr. Washington for the message I’m bringing you can save the world.”

“I’m listening.” said the still rattled, yet curious, Washington.

“I am a time traveler from the future; you don’t need to know the details but I’m from the year 2158. Our technology has grown much since your time Mr. Washington, but our sectarian divisions, violence, hate, and lack of honor and logic has also grown as well. In the year 2158 the world goes to war and with our level of technology, almost everything is destroyed. Billions die, entire nations vanish in fire, it’s a world we cannot afford to let happen.”

Washington was shocked; he had been walking his fields one minute, the next a man appears out of thin air with warning of an apocalypse in 500 years.

“So what does this have to do with me?” asked Washington.

“You know as well as I do Mr. Washington that the colonies are on the verge of war with England. What you don’t know is that you will win this war and the 13 colonies go on to become the greatest power the world has ever known. America has its flaws but it is a beacon of hope for humanity, an arsenal of democracy, and the epitome of man’s achievements in the name of logic and freedom. But the rest of the world hates America and in my time she’s the first to be destroyed. I’m here to give you the tools you need to turn the United States of America into the United States of Earth and prevent the world from killing itself before it even has the capability to do so.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to go to 2157 and tell everyone what happens and prevent it?” asked Washington in protest of this life changing event.

“Probably, but that would only delay the inevitable. Trust me Mr. Washington, my people and I have thought long and hard about this, the only way to unite the world and prevent disaster is to start now and the best country to unite the world isn’t Britain or France or China or Russia, it’s the one about to be born now.”

“So we’re to unite the world starting now? You do realize that we can’t even unite the colonies against a common enemy, how do we unite the world!” exclaimed Washington.

“Like I said, I’m bringing you the tools.” said the man. He opened a bag he had with him and pulled out a strange metal ring. “When you press this red button everyone that hears you speak will be inclined to believe you. It’s a form of mind control that will convince people to join your side. But remember you can’t take away people free will, only influence them heavily.”

Washington took the ring and examined it. It seemed simple enough, if not a little terrifying.

The man reached into his bag again and pulled out a metal plate about a foot and a half in diameter. It had some buttons and a strange panel lit up with numbers and words. “This is a replicator, by pressing these buttons you can create any element known to man. I’ve disabled some of the dangerous ones that your time wouldn’t understand just yet and have no need for but you can get all the gold, silver, lead, and iron you want from this. You’re armies should never want for pay and ammunition.”

The man pressed a button on the screen, the plate lit up and suddenly a bar of gold appeared.

“Amazing” exclaimed a stunned Washington taking and examining the gold. It was cool, heavy, and certainly no different than any ore mined from the Earth itself.

“And lastly,” said the man pulling a small black band from the bag, “Your teleporter watch.” The man spent a few moments showing Washington how to strap the band to his wrist and operate the elaborate mechanisms that seemed to illuminate the very air in front of him. “

With this the matter of travel and communication is a thing of the past.”

Washington looked at the “watch” strapped to his wrist and marveled at the other machines this stranger had produced.

“How is this possible though?”

“Don’t worry about the technology Mr. Washington, just use it wisely, I know you’re the right man for this job and now you have the tools to unite the world.”

The man smiled, pressed some of the illuminated dials projecting from his own band and then disappeared in another flash leaving his bag. George looked inside; there were four more rings, two more teleporters and another replicator plate.

“Unite the world to save the world,” said Washington sarcastically. “…How hard could it be?”

Next Chapter: One if by Land, Two if by Teleporter

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