Who’s In And Who’s Out: Week Four “The College Football Season Is Already One-Third Over What The Hell!?” Edition

The following column is dedicated to Les Miles and the LSU athletic department. We hardly kneux ye…

Leaves are turning, pumpkin spice is in the air, and Texas A&M is undefeated and flying high after a big win over Arkansas…the annual traditions of September have played out and October is almost upon us. With it, comes clarity and uncertainty about where everything stands. This is true of students with their midterms, the American electorate with this election cycle (oh please someone make it stop!), and the college football world.


It’s safe to say at this point that traditional powers like Notre Dame, Penn State, USC, and LSU aren’t doing all that swell. We have a few surprises in our midst as well. Baylor continues to chug along heading for a huge matchup of surprising undefeateds with West Virginia. Washington remains undefeated and is headed into an elite matchup of its own with a rolling Stanford squad. And don’t think we don’t see you Nebraska and Miami, quietly climbing the rankings like it’s the early 90’s. Alas all of the fun shake ups will likely be for naught because the class of the college football world still appears to be elitist bluebloods Alabama and Ohio State, but not if new money upstarts Louisville and Houston have their way.


October will add more clarity but it is also a month of rich tradition and that should not be forgotten. Excited children run around strange neighborhoods looking for candy in an air of complacency; a loose metaphor for the Third Saturday in October when the suddenly confident Tennessee Volunteers host Alabama? Nick Saban can play the role of the concerned mother who knows the dangers but might not be able to stop her kids from taking a bite from the Butch Jones’ poisoned apple. October is a time for harvest festivals and pumpkin carvings not dissimilar from the ongoing party atmosphere occurring in Houston as the Cougars carve up AAC weaklings with the Louisville game lurking in the distance like a light at the end of the tunnel. Let us not forget that most solemn of October traditions, the annual Aggie crash that occurs after a big win against Arkansas. Since taking over at A&M, Kevin Sumlin’s squads have started the year 16-2 in August and September games while his Octobers have played out at 7-7. Removing Johnny Football and evaluating just the 2014 and 2015 seasons he is 2-5. This year’s October docket includes a game at South Carolina (Will Mustrap anyone?), hosting Tennessee, at Alabama and then hosting New Mexico State. With a distant away game and hosting two of the top SEC powers, you have to know Sumlin is thanking the Great Pumpkin the Ags drew a bye week this month.


Enough with the October puns, let’s get to it:


The “Win And You’re In” Conference


The Early Contenders Division

Wisconsin (4-0)

  • LSU (2-2) 16-14
  • Michigan State (3-1) 30-6

Louisville (4-0)

  • Florida State (3-1) 63-20

Alabama (4-0)

  • Ole Miss (2-2) 48-43

Texas A&M (4-0)

  • Arkansas (3-1) 45-24
  • UCLA (2-2) 31-24 (OT)

Stanford (3-0)

  • UCLA (2-2) 22-13
  • Kansas State (2-1) 26-13

Ohio State (3-0)

  • Oklahoma (1-2) 45-24

Tennessee (4-0)

  • Florida (3-1) 38-28

Baylor (4-0)

  • Oklahoma State (2-2) 35-24

Michigan (4-0)

  • Colorado (3-1) 45-28

Clemson (4-0)

  • Georgia Tech (3-1) 26-7

Nebraska (4-0)

  • Oregon (2-2) 35-32

Arizona State (4-0)

  • Texas Tech (2-1) 68-55

Wake Forest (4-0)

  • Indiana (3-1) 33-28

Washington (4-0)

  • Arizona (2-2) 35-28 (OT)

West Virginia (3-0)

  • Missouri (2-2) 26-11

Miami (3-0)

  • Appalachian State (2-2)

Minnesota (3-0)

  • Colorado State (2-2) 31-24

Maryland (3-0)

  • Central Florida (2-2) 30-24 (2OT)

Utah (4-0)

  • USC (1-3) 31-27


A new feature of this column will be listing the contenders signature wins and actually ranking these teams based on what we have seen this year. Signature wins are based on wins over what I feel are good teams or the best available win on a schedule. Teams can have multiple signature wins and I hold the right to withdraw a signature win as the season progresses and we obtain more information.


The Undefeated G5’s Division

Houston (4-0)

  • Oklahoma (1-2) 33-23

San Diego State (3-0)

  • California (2-2) 45-40

Western Michigan (4-0)

  • Georgia Southern (3-1) 49-31

Air Force (3-0)

  • Utah State (2-2) 27-20

Navy (3-0)

  • UConn (2-2) 28-24

Boise State (3-0)

  • UL-Lafayette (2-2) 45-10

Memphis (3-0)

  • Kansas (1-2) 43-7

Toledo (3-0)

  • Fresno State (1-3) 52-17


The “No Room For Error” Division

Arkansas (3-1)

Colorado (3-1)

Florida (3-1)

Florida State (3-1)

Georgia (3-1)

Georgia Tech (3-1)

Indiana (2-1)

Iowa (3-1)

Kansas State (2-1)

Michigan State (2-1)

North Carolina (3-1)

North Carolina State (2-1)

TCU (3-1)

Texas (2-1)

Texas Tech (2-1)

Virginia Tech (3-1)


The Eliminated Conference


The “WTF They’re Already Eliminated?!” Division

LSU (2-2)

Notre Dame (1-3)

Oklahoma (1-2)

Ole Miss (2-2)

Oregon (2-2)

USC (1-3)


The One Loss G5’s Division

Army (3-1)

Ball State (3-1)

Central Michigan (3-1)

Cincinnati (3-1)

Eastern Michigan (3-1)

Georgia Southern (3-1)

Middle Tennessee State (3-1)

South Florida (3-1)

Southern Miss (3-1)

Troy (3-1)

Tulsa (3-1)


The “I’m Still Convinced You’re Good” Division

ECU (2-2)

Oklahoma State (2-2)

Pittsburgh (2-2)

UCLA (2-2)


“Mediocre But In A Good Way” Division

Appalachian State (2-2)

Arizona (2-2)

Auburn (2-2)

California (2-2)

Colorado State (2-2)

Duke (2-2)

Ohio (2-2)

UL-Lafayette (2-2)

Wyoming (2-2)


The “Mediocre Clusterfrick That Is The Lower Half Of The SEC” Division

Kentucky (2-2)

Mississippi State (2-2)

Missouri (2-2)

South Carolina (2-2)

Vanderbilt (2-2)


I legitimately sat for ten minutes trying to sort out this carousel of conference losses. Ultimately it was impossible for me to sort out who here is mediocre and who here is bad. So I’m sticking everyone in this division so I don’t pull my hair out trying to make sense of nonsense.


The “Hoping For 6-6” Division

Akron (2-2)

Boston College (2-2)

Central Florida (2-2)

Idaho (2-2)

Nevada (2-2)

North Texas (2-2)

Old Dominion (2-2)

Penn State (2-2)

Rutgers (2-2)

SMU (2-2)

South Alabama (2-2)

Syracuse (2-2)

Temple (2-2)

Tulane (2-2)

UConn (2-2)

Utah State (2-2)

Western Kentucky (2-2)


The “Hot Garbage” Division

Bowling Green (1-3)

Buffalo (1-2)

BYU (1-3)

Charlotte (1-3)

FAU (1-3)

Fresno State (1-3)

Hawaii (1-3)

Illinois (1-2)

Iowa State (1-3)

Kansas (1-2)

Kent State (1-3

Louisiana Tech (1-3)

Marshall (1-2)

New Mexico (1-2)

New Mexico State (1-3)

Northwestern (1-3)

Oregon State (1-2)

San Jose State (1-3)

Texas State (1-2)

UL-Monroe (1-2)

UMass (1-3)

UNLV (1-3)

UTEP (1-3)

UTSA (1-3)

Virginia (1-3)

Washington State (1-2)


The “Ron Turner & Les Miles Memorial Dumpster Fire” Division

Arkansas State (0-4)

FIU (0-4)

Georgia State (0-3)

Miami (OH) (0-4)

Northern Illinois (0-4)

Rice (0-4)

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