Who’s In And Who’s Out: Week Three And It’s Starting To Get Interesting Edition

The “Win And You’re In” Conference


The Early Contenders Division

Alabama (3-0)

Arkansas (3-0)

Louisville (3-0)

Michigan State (2-0)

Nebraska (3-0)

Ohio State (3-0)

Texas A&M (3-0)


Through three games these are the teams that look good so far. Alabama, Louisville, and Ohio State are probably the biggest early names contending for the title but these other teams are gaining a reputation. Already Alabama, Arkansas and Texas A&M are setting up some big matchups in the SEC West, the earliest of which will take place next week in Dallas between the Aggies and the Razorbacks. In the Big Ten Ohio State and Michigan State are setting up a huge matchup for their division while Nebraska looms in the Big Ten West. Louisville still has to get through Clemson, the ACC championship game and a late game against Houston.


The “Things Are Looking Good!” Division

Arizona State (3-0)

Michigan (3-0)

Utah (3-0)

West Virginia (2-0)

Wisconsin (3-0)


These teams have looked good but don’t have that signature win against a ranked team yet. Some quiet quality wins could turn out to have come against teams that find themselves ranked later in the season.


The “I Think You Are Good But I Don’t Have Enough Information Yet” Division

Baylor (3-0)

Clemson (3-0)

Florida (3-0)

Georgia (3-0)

Georgia Tech (3-0)

Indiana (2-0)

Maryland (3-0)

Miami (3-0)

Minnesota (2-0)

Stanford (2-0)

Tennessee (3-0)

Wake Forest (3-0)

Washington (3-0)


Lot’s of easy early schedules and head scratcher games for these teams.


The “No Room For Error” Division – Undefeated G5 Bracket

Air Force (2-0)

Army (3-0)

Boise State (2-0)

Central Michigan (3-0)

Georgia Southern (3-0)

Houston (3-0)

Memphis (2-0)

Navy (3-0)

San Diego State (3-0)

South Florida (3-0)

Toledo (3-0)

Western Michigan (3-0)


It hasn’t taken long but these are the only remaining G5 undefeated teams through three games. Houston is the big name of this group for obvious reasons but note that San Diego State is currently ranked No. 22 while Central Michigan, South Florida, Western Michigan and Toledo are all receiving votes.


The “No Room For Error” Division – One Loss P5 Bracket

Arizona (2-1)

California (2-1)

Colorado (2-1)

Florida State (2-1)

Kansas State (1-1)

LSU (2-1)

N.C. State (2-1)

North Carolina (2-1)

Oklahoma State (2-1)

Oregon (2-1)

Oregon State (1-1)

Penn State (2-1)

Pittsburgh (2-1)

Purdue (1-1)

Rutgers (2-1)

South Carolina (2-1)

TCU (2-1)

Texas (2-1)

Texas Tech (2-1)

UCLA (2-1)

Virginia Tech (2-1)


Some teams holding on for dear life and some teams that are clearly good and could realistically win out from here or at minimum compete for their respective conferences.


The “Never Schedule North Dakota State” Division

Iowa (2-1)


Seriously Hawkeyes?


The Eliminated Conference


The “Damn They’re Eliminated In September?!” Division

Auburn (1-2)

Notre Dame (1-2)

Oklahoma (1-2)

Ole Miss (1-2)

USC (1-2)


Three bluebloods down before September finishes while two recent SEC powers find their seasons in bad shape before they even began.


The “Still Fighting For Something” Division

Akron (2-1)

Ball State (2-1)

Cincinnati (2-1)

Colorado State (2-1)

East Carolina (2-1)

Eastern Michigan (2-1)

Middle Tennessee St. (2-1)

Nevada (2-1)

SMU (2-1)

Southern Miss (2-1)

Troy (2-1)

Tulsa (2-1)

UConn (2-1)

UL-Lafayette (2-1)

Utah State (2-1)

Western Kentucky (2-1)

Wyoming (2-1)


These are the G5 teams that have a loss but have still looked good early and should contend for bowl games and their conferences.


The “I’m Honestly Not Quite Sure But Leaning Towards Meh” Division

Appalachian State (1-2)

BYU (1-2)

Duke (1-2)

Louisiana Tech (1-2)

Marshall (1-1)

Mississippi State (1-2)

Missouri (1-2)

Ohio (1-2)

Texas State (1-1)


There are some talented teams in this division but something isn’t clicking. BYU is officially dead while Duke’s season was just upended by a Northwestern team that looked horrid a week ago. Mississippi State gave LSU everything they had before falling late while Missouri had a similar showing against Georgia.



The “At Least We Have A Win” Division

Boston College (1-2)

Bowling Green (1-2)

Charlotte (1-2)

FAU (1-2)

Fresno State (1-2)

Hawaii (1-3)

Idaho (1-2)

Illinois (1-2)

Iowa State (1-2)

Kansas (1-2)

Kent State (1-2)

Kentucky (1-2)

New Mexico (1-2)

New Mexico State (1-2)

North Texas (1-2)

Northwestern (1-2)

Old Dominion (1-2)

San Jose State (1-2)

South Alabama (1-2)

Syracuse (1-2)

Temple (1-2)

Tulane (1-2)

UCF (1-2)

UL-Monroe (1-2)

UMass (1-2)

UNLV (1-2)

UTEP (1-2)

UTSA (1-2)

Vanderbilt (1-2)

Washington State (1-2)


At this rate getting to bowl eligibility is going to be a struggle for these teams.


The “Hot Garbage” Division

Arkansas State (0-3)

Buffalo (0-3)

FIU (0-3)

Georgia State (0-3)

Miami (OH) (0-3)

Northern Illinois (0-3)

Rice (0-3)

Virginia (0-3)


Keep this in mind, to become bowl eligible these teams have to go 6-3 down the stretch at minimum. At least Virginia doesn’t have to play Louisville and Clemson or Florida State this year.


On Deck For Week Four


Undefeated Matchups

Arkansas (3-0) v. Texas A&M (3-0)

Clemson (3-0) v. Georgia Tech (3-0)

Florida (3-0) v. Tennessee (3-0)

Wisconsin (3-0) v. Michigan State (2-0)


Four teams will lose their flexibility while four will take the inside track.


Elimination Games

Boise State (2-0) v. Oregon State (1-1)

California (2-1) v. Arizona State (3-0)

Colorado (2-1) v. Oregon (2-1)

Florida State (2-1) v. South Florida (3-0)

Oklahoma State (2-1) v. Baylor (3-0)

Penn State (2-1) v. Michigan (3-0)

Pittsburgh (2-1) v. North Carolina (2-1)

Stanford (2-0) v. UCLA (2-1)

Washington (3-0) v. Arizona (2-1)


Two games will ensure one team is eliminated. There are several matchups where an undefeated loses their flexibility or a team is eliminated from the playoff.


Playing Spoiler

Air Force (2-0) v. Utah State (2-1)

Colorado State (2-1) v. Minnesota (2-0)

Georgia (3-0) v. Ole Miss (1-2)

LSU (2-1) v. Auburn (1-2)

TCU (2-1) v. SMU (2-1)


A chance for an eliminated team to drag someone down with them.

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