Who’s In And Who’s Out: Still Way Too Early Week Two Edition

After an intense week one, week two in the college football world was a bit slower. With a few upsets and some quality mid-conference matchups we do, however, have a clearer picture of how the playoff race is shaping up.


The “Win and You’re In” Conference


The Early Contenders Division

Alabama (2-0)

Arkansas (2-0)

Florida State (2-0)

Texas (2-0)

Texas A&M (2-0)

Wisconsin (2-0)


These are your early Power Five undefeated teams with a win over a ranked opponent. Most of these teams got their big early win last week but Arkansas has joined this division with its big overtime upset of TCU. With three teams in the same division (SEC East) this is sure to thin itself in the coming weeks.


The “We Expected You To Be Good” Division


Baylor (2-0)

Florida (2-0)

Iowa (2-0)

Louisville (2-0)

Michigan (2-0)

Michigan State (1-0)

Ohio State (2-0)

Oregon (2-0)

Stanford (1-0)

Tennessee (2-0)

Washington (2-0)


Early ranked and unbeaten powers that have done the necessary work, even if it appears to be against substandard competition. Welcome back to Tennessee for joining this division and shaking off the Appalachian State cobwebs by beating Virginia Tech in Bristol.


The “Look At You Go!” Division

Arizona State (2-0)

Colorado (2-0)

Georgia Tech (2-0)

Indiana (2-0)

Maryland (2-0)

Miami (2-0)

Minnesota (2-0)

Nebraska (2-0)

Pitt (2-0)

Utah (2-0)

Wake Forest (2-0)

West Virginia (2-0)


A few surprising undefeated teams early in the season. Historically several of these teams rise to be a late season contender similar to Iowa’s unexpected charge through the 2015 season. The question is which of these teams has staying power and which are likely to fall in the coming weeks?


Undefeated With Concerns Division

Clemson (2-0)

Georgia (2-0)


Big concerns in Clemson after narrow wins over Auburn and Troy. Suddenly Georgia’s win over North Carolina looks a bit more suspect as they struggled to put away FCS Nicholls State. Talented teams with big concerns, but still undefeated early in the season with plenty of time to right the ship.


Undefeated With No Room For Error

Central Michigan (2-0)

Houston (2-0)


Both of these teams have early season wins over ranked opponents (though you can make a case for both Central Michigan and Oklahoma State). That being said they are still Group of Five teams and have no room for error.


No Room For Error Division – G5 Bracket

Air Force (2-0)

Army (2-0)

Boise State (2-0)

Cincinnati (2-0)

ECU (2-0)

Georgia Southern (2-0)

Marshall (1-0)

Navy (2-0)

San Diego State (2-0)

South Florida (2-0)

Southern Miss (2-0)

Texas State (1-0)

Toledo (2-0)

Western Michigan (2-0)


Early undefeated G5 teams with a lot of work left to do. Props to Army, Navy and Air Force for being undefeated through two games and we should note the early races forming in the G5 conferences. The MAC, AAC and Mountain West are not going to be pushovers at their level of play.


No Room For Error Division – P5 Bracket

Duke (1-1)

Notre Dame (1-1)

Ole Miss (1-1)

Vanderbilt (1-1)

South Carolina (1-1)

Mississippi State (1-1)

Oklahoma (1-1)

TCU (1-1)

Auburn (1-1)

North Carolina (1-1)

Illinois (1-1)

LSU (1-1)

Missouri (1-1)

Syracuse (1-1)

N.C. State (1-1)

Boston College (1-1)

Virginia Tech (1-1)

Penn State (1-1)

UCLA (1-1)

Texas Tech (1-1)

Purdue (1-1)

Rutgers (1-1)

Cal (1-1)

Arizona (1-1)

Kansas State (1-1)

Oklahoma State (1-1)

USC (1-1)

Kansas (1-1)


If anyone of these teams goes 11-1 they are in the playoff discussion, if any go 10-2 they are looking at a good bowl but would need a lot of Team Chaos help to make the playoff.


Life Support Division

BYU (1-1)


With their independent status and loss this weekend BYU should be eliminated from the playoff race. However, BYU has a tough schedule throughout the year and is a big name. An 11-1 BYU program would certainly contend for a playoff spot, though they would need some help to secure that spot. BYU isn’t dead but one more loss pulls the plug on their playoff hopes.


The Eliminated Conference


The “Dead But Hey We Got A W” Division

Akron (1-1)

Appalachian State (1-1)

Ball State (1-1)

Bowing Green (1-1)

Buffalo (1-1)

Charlotte (1-1)

Colorado State (1-1)

Eastern Michigan (1-1)

FAU (1-1)

Fresno State (1-1)

Hawaii (1-1)

Idaho (1-1)

Louisiana Tech (1-1)

Mid. Tennessee State (1-1)

Nevada (1-1)

New Mexico (1-1)

New Mexico State (1-1)

North Texas (1-1)

Ohio (1-1)

Old Dominion (1-1)

San Jose State (1-1)

SMU (1-1)

South Alabama (1-1)

Temple (1-1)

Troy (1-1)

Tulane (1-1)

Tulsa (1-1)

UCF (1-1)

UConn (1-1)

UL-Lafayette (1-1)

UL-Monroe (1-1)

UNLV (1-1)

Utah State (1-1)

UTEP (1-1)

UTSA (1-1)

Western Kentucky (1-1)

Wyoming (1-1)


With a loss all of these G5 teams are eliminated from the playoff but that doesn’t mean they can’t have good seasons. There are some solid looking teams in this bracket that should contend for the G5 conferences and some upper level bowl games (for a G5 team).


Dumpster Fire Division – P5 Bracket

Iowa State (0-2)

Kentucky (0-2)

Northwestern (0-2)

Virginia (0-2)

Washington State (0-2)


Before the season began no one was talking about these teams are potential playoff surprises but in sports you really never know. Northwestern won ten games last year after all. Today, all five of these programs are fighting for bowl eligibility. Most impressively every P5 conference has a team that is setting itself up to be dismal.


Dumpster Fire Division – G5 Bracket

Arkansas State (0-2)

FIU (0-2)

Georgia State (0-2)

Kent State (0-2)

Miami (OH) (0-2)

Northern Illinois (0-2)

Rice (0-2)

UMass (0-2)


He’s Dead Jim.


On Deck For Week Three


#6 Houston v. Cincinnati

#2 Florida State v. #10 Louisville

North Dakota St. v. #13 Iowa

Colorado v. #4 Michigan

#22 Oregon v. Nebraska

Pitt v. Oklahoma State

#1 Alabama v. #19 Ole Miss

#17 Texas A&M v. Auburn

Mississippi State v. #20 LSU

#12 Michigan State v. #18 Notre Dame

Texas State v. #24 Arkansas

#16 Georgia v. Missouri

#3 Ohio State v. #13 Oklahoma

USC v. #7 Stanford


#11 Texas v. Cal


Lot’s of a matchups that will either give a team their first loss or give a team their second and eliminate them from playoff contention. A Thursday night game in Cincinnati could be Houston’s next big test on their road to being undefeated. One of FSU and Louisville will take command of the ACC. Iowa takes on FCS powerhouse North Dakota State that is 5-0 in its last five games against FBS competition, though they haven’t taken on a matchup as quality as this before. Colorado and Michigan is a battle of unbeatens with lots of mid-90’s history. Pitt looks to capitalize off its victory over Penn State while Oklahoma State looks to bounce back from being robbed against Central Michigan, a Cowboys loss ends their season’s hopes. A loss by Ole Miss and Auburn does the same while Alabama and Texas A&M look to continue their runs and move to the pilot’s seat in the SEC West. LSU and MSU take each other on in another major SEC West matchup that will eliminate one team from playoff contention. A win by Michigan State sets up the Big Ten East as a murder’s row at the top and eliminates rival Notre Dame while an Irish win rights the ship. The signature matchup of the week takes place in Norman where Ohio State looks to knock out Oklahoma from the playoff picture. A Stanford win and a Washington win over an FCS program sets up a huge ranked Washington/Stanford matchup for control of the Pac-12 North. UCLA and BYU square off in a playoff elimination game. A loss to Texas eliminates Cal and likely moves the Longhorns into the top ten; this was a shootout last year and a Golden Bears win throws a huge wrench into the early season picture.

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